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Project Week related to Sustainable Development was organised in Darshan Academy Jalandhar Mr Arvind Prakash Verma (District Revenue Officer)Arrived as the chief guest

To inculcate the inner skills of Students Annual , Project Week related to Sustainable Development was organised in Darshan Academy Jalandhar. Students prepared beautiful and colourful charts and models of different shapes and colours. They made models on Renewable Natural Sources and Non Renewable Natural Sources. The Solar energy model showed the process to save Electricity. Students made models of Wind Turbines and, Crop Rotation machine. They also made model WD of rainwater harvesting to collect and store rainwater into natural reservoirs and students made a model of rooftop harvesting so that rain water did not get wasted and drinking water is saved. Students aware humans to reduce wastage, eat healthy food and to manage climate change through their charts and models. They requested to save Ecosystem which consists of all plants, animals and humans who are dependent on each other. They gave a message that the resources which nature has provided are utilised by the human beings for the purpose of Survival and welfare. The Chief Guest Mr Arvind Prakash Verma (District Revenue Officer) appreciated and applauded the efforts and hard work of the students a lot.

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Some pictures of Annual Project Week.

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